About Us

Here at Imarked, professional branding is kept at a high mark. It's all-inclusive, containing different packages for your design needs. It ranges from memorable logos, graphic and illustration arts, to exclusive web designs, well-executed and tailored by our dynamic team of creative designers. We desire to develop a design; that speaks a great deal about your business or brand; that communicates your story in an instant; that creates confidence and connects your values to a like-minded audience. This can be made possible at Imarked at a price rate that fits your budget. We are here to mark your business on the world by doing it better.

Who We Are

Our Agency offers branding services with the sole purpose of growing your brand and making it marketable through logo designs, illustration graphics, business card/letterhead designs, animations, professional brochure designs, product packaging, amongst many others.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the world's largest house for exclusive branding; a house where businesses come to take solace and become marked in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage more creative designers globally to build a more stronger workforce, to be able to mark many more successful businesses in the world through professional branding; Branding that projects the needed professional look. Branding that builds trust in your audience. Branding that sets your business apart from others. Branding that incites a call to action. And most importantly, returns on your every investment.

Why Choose Us

The Key To Your Motivation And Success

We believe brand interaction is key in communication. Real innovations and a positive customer experience are the heart of successful communication.

Memorable and Classy designs

At Imarked, our design team has gained a huge wealth of experience from working with so many businesses across the world, amongst diverse cultures. You can be rest assured, that your designs are created from the information gathered from your business or brand, with reference to your customer's needs, making the design unique to your business alone and generating the needed first impression.

Keeping it Professional

Imarked understands the value of time in business; hence we practice a fast turnaround time upon your order for a package. This is coupled with our over 5 years of experience which has enabled us to deliver first-class memorable, and custom designs within the required agreed time frame.

Your satisfaction

We have a 24 hours customer care service, available to receive complaints or clarity concerning your designs being processed. More so, we strive to provide 100% satisfaction with our deliveries.

Branding in its Entirety

Imarked encompasses every single detail about branding, ranging from professionally designed logos to aesthetic web designs. It is a home that captures all you need to cater for your design needs.

Our Level of Experience

We bask in the euphoria of the so many different businesses we have marked across the world, ranging from a small kiosk to multinational corporations. The countless reviews we have goes to prove that these businesses have achieved returns for their every investment.

Dynamic design team

We have a dynamic team of experts and specialists in branding. This team comprises of; brand managers with knowledge of proven brand development strategy; designers of all kinds of designs; customer care operators to provide optimum satisfaction to you where the need arises.

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